Sunday, July 31, 2011

9:20 Sunday morning

It's a beautiful day in Memphis, assuming that you don't have to be outside. I know that much of people's bitching about the heat ( or cold, for that matter ) is from not being acclimated to it.  I endured the heat and humidity when I was growing up, and managed to survive. I've upped the thermostat in the apartment to 80 during the day when I'm not here, and no lower than 75 for when I am here. I was trying to cut Gayle some slack when she's here by lowering it even more, but she wears a sweater here, so I guess I should stop. Anyway, I know I should get out of the house more, if for no other reason to up my ability to do so.  I have to admit that I do let the temperature keep me from doing things outdoors, and that's just wrong.

Sundays are my cleaning day.  Oh, I pick up around the house through the week, but this is the day when I do laundry/dust/vacuum/mop/clean bathroom. Ok, maybe not mop, but I have good intentions. With Gayle being here this week, I'd like it to be at least tolerably clean.  I also have to go to the store, for the stuff that Gayle eats and I don't.  Not much, just things like white bread and decaf Coke.

The boys came within a gnat's whisker of dying this morning. Mikey howling and trying to tear the blinds off the window in the bedroom, and Julian trying to set the record for number of times he sneezed in my face, after pawing me to get my attention.  I finally got up and fed them, just to get some peace!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday, and alls hell

I slept in this morning, which has come to be somewhere around 8:30 on a weekend. Mikey was frantic to get in the frakin' bathtub to get a drink of water ( he likes to drink from the faucet, with the water trickling), so I let him have at it while I put down their food. He came into the kitchen where I feed them and promptly yacked up all the water he'd just drank.  I think that he sheds so much that he really can't get rid of fur balls without the aid of H2O.  All I really know if that it's one hell of a mess, and not something for a person with delicate sensibilities to have to deal with this early in the day.

I was going to drive up to Kentucky to mow the in-laws yard, as Gayle doesn't do well in the heat.  However, we figured out that one of the ladies that sits her parents when she's needing a break will mow it for about 1/2 of what it costs for me to drive up there.  So, I told Gayle to get Sandy to mow it, and to give her a big tip from me. I actually don't mind mowing anymore ( as a kid I despised mowing as it was a required chore and we had a huge  yard to do, using a cheap K-Mart push mower ) but doing their yard would entail getting up, drive about 2 hours to west Kentucky, mowing for a couple of hours, then driving back. Senile as her dad is, I'm sure he'd eventually remember that he wishes that I'd die in a fire. I'm not senile yet, and don't have to wait for my opinion of him to make itself known.  I like Gayle's mom, but if I were a believer, I'd be hitting the knees nightly praying for that miserable old shit to die in a quick, horrendous fashion.

This might make me look to some to be a bad person, wishing for a 90 year old man to suffer.  Well, if you knew this man, you'd be wishing it too.  When Gayle and I got together, I was excited to have more family (mine being large, but fairly insane...and I don't mean that metaphorically). We made the horrendous mistake of moving in  together before we got married, and her dad cut off all ties while we were living in sin. I wrote a formal letter to him, introducing myself and pretty well doing the old fashion asking for his daughters hand.  3 years later, during a visit to Kentucky, he and I were out on the usual round of places that he took me every time we visited. He asked if I remembered the letter I had sent him.  I answered that of course I remembered it.  He said "I didn't answer it because I just didn't want to." For him, that was reason enough, and I guess it was reason enough for me, too.  I kept trying, and he kept doing his damnedest to make me go away.  He finally got his wish, as I'll next be under his roof when he's in a casket.  I was raised to not task a person in their own home, and to respect my elders.  The only way for me to do this now, even with him senile, is to avoid being withing 20 miles of him.  May he rest in peace, and that, soon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Editing? We don' need no stinking editing!

Just read my last post, and it reminded me of why I should always edit, and preview prior to clicking "post". Only a few mistakes, but one one them probably gave you the idea that I'd had a stroke in mid-sentence. If you didn't happen to read it prior to editing, then use your imagination to fill in any errors that you prefer.

I despair of every acclimating to the temperatures here. I remember camping during mid-summer back in East Tennessee, and it always got down into the 60's at night, even if the daytime highs were in the 90's. It was 78 and 90% humidity when I left for work this morning...kinda like walking out into an exceptionally large kitchen sponge.

As always, after an extended hiatus between posts, I'll probably drive everyone to distraction with too damn many posts.

Suck it up, and deal with it. Some things brook no modifications.

Tonight, I tackle the mysteries of cooking beef ribs. With my shield, or on it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So, I've been busy. No, really!

Since we last visited, I've been lurking on various tech blogs.  I've come to the considered opinion that this one is never going to be a deep level technical blog.  After all, I'd rather just blather, than having to make sure that every single detail of every post is dead-on accurate. That being said, on with the blather.

We're dead on in the middle of Memphis summer, and while I normally don't put much stock in wind chill and heat index nonsense, when the temp and the humidity are both in the 90's, it's flat out miserable. And this from a man who grew up without air conditioning in East Tennessee. And  no, it's not the age, or the mileage!

At work we're getting ready to replace our digital xray storage system with a new one, and that means that I've been putting in the hours building a test environment to (well, duh) test this stuff.  It consists of one Equallogic SAN, one D-Link SAN, one ESXi 4.1 host, 2 pizza box servers acting as the vCenter server and the DC for the test domain, 2 cisco switches and an exceptionally old cisco 2600 router. During the process of getting all of this cabled up and configured, I proved the the definition of insanity...doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. The servers, SANs and switches were a breeze.  The @#$#@$$@#$#@# router wouldn't let me configure the sub-interfaces so that I could route between VLANs. The final solution (just to get the tests going...I refuse to give up anything to an uppity piece of crap router) was to build the network flat...a class C subnet, single vlan with connections between the switches via dot1q trunk ports. Success!  Tomorrow is the main test day, to make sure that I've gotten everything ready for the migration, but I'm reasonably sure that it'll all work out.

I'm going to get a recorder out so that the next time Mikey comes howling though the apartment I can record it.  I've had a lot of cats, and have know a lot more, and have never heard anything like the noises that comes out of that boy's mouth. Julian of course tries to ignore anything Mikey does, unless it has to to with food.

Ok, you can plan on more posts, more often. Consider yourself warned!