Thursday, February 7, 2013

influenza attacks!

I woke up in the middle of the night last Friday feeling uncomfortable, and woke up Saturday morning with a full on case of the flu. Temps over 102, chest full, along with my sinuses. The fever finally broke Monday evening, and with only a couple of bounces has stayed down. My chest is still full of congestion, making most breaths sound like a bellows with holes shot in it. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate being sick? I've really not been this sick in over 20 years, and I really hope it's another 20 before it happens again.

Fortunately, I had Julian the sneezing cat to take care of me. Gayle mostly wrote smartass texts about how men are such babies when they're a little under the weather, and that I should not even consider coming up this weekend unless I was over everything. Well, I'm over everything enough to go to work (people at the clinic are avoiding me, and spraying lysol whenever I've been around), so I guess I'm good to go to Kentucky, regardless of how much I sound like an escapee from a TB ward.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

After the hiatus...

I was just pondering giving Gayle some grief over how long it had been since she'd updated her blog, and then noticed that I last posted to this in August. Sheesh!

Ok, lets get caught up. Gayle's still in Kentucky, but her mom is now in a nursing home, and has been since November. Gayle managed to not only NOT get rid of Stoopid, her dad's cat, but adopted by osmosis a cute little kitten. This kitten has one bad trait....she will not use a litter box. She'll go outside, but not in a box.  This is the first cat I've ever known who didn't do this instinctively. Even with Stoopid as an example (if he's outside, he'll come in to use the litter box, rather than using mother nature's) she refuses. But it's nice having a kitten around, and she gets along ok with Stoopid.

Work is still pretty much the same....long days, short weekends. We've implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure project, which means that the users doesn't get a computer, but a terminal, and connect to a desktop that runs on a server.  Those that are using this don't mind, as the terminal takes up a lot less space on their desktops than a full sized pc, and desktop space is always at a premium.

 I've been pretty regular about going up to Kentucky when not on-call, which in some ways is more tiring that working all weekend. But, you do what you have to.

Last Saturday I woke up with a raging fever and have been fighting it ever since. I've finally got the fever licked, but am now working on the chest congestion and cough. This is actually the first time I've had the flu in over 20 years, and am very glad of that fact.  The flu sucks.

Well, I'll be back to work tomorrow (and hopefully non-contagious...I wouldn't wish this on anyone). I'll try to keep up with this a bit more regularly, especially as we get into spring, and work on the place in Kentucky gets going.