Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The joys of working weekends

So, it's the 24th, and I'm looking forward to a weekend in Arlington this week. Two weekends ago I was on call, and this past weekend we migrated the clinic software to it's new home. I was going to go the the company picnic on Sunday, but I had a failure on our storage area network at our emergency CoLocation site, and so got to spend a chunck of Sunday afternoon swapping out a hard drive in south Memphis.

When I get to Arlington on Friday, it will have been 2 days short of 3 weeks since I've been there. I know that Gayle got rid of the big bush at the side of the house, but don't know if she's tooled around the yard on the mower. If not, I figure the grass will be knee high to a overachieving giraffe. If that's the case, hopefully Saturday will be rainless, so I can get it cut. I really hope it's not too high for me to see the rocks/stumps/etc that dot the landscape.  Oh, yeah, I'll have to get gas, too.

I've gotten really used to driving the pickup, and am amazed at how far you can drive on a full tank of gas.  25 gallons at a whack gives about 100 miles further than I could go on a full tank in the Infiniti...at the cost of 10 additional gallons. Yeah, really sucky gas milage...but that's expected with a V8 powered pickup. The best part of driving it is that you can actually SEE whats around you, both on the road and off. In most sedans, pickups and SUVs block so much of the view, all you get out of most drives is close inspections of large tailgates. All in all, I prefer to be the one being inspected, rather than doing the inspection.

The boys are as contrary as ever. Jules is still a prick, and Mikey has begun to work on a career as spokescat. At least he prowls around the apartment talking, howling, muttering, you name it. When he really gets going, Jules and I just look at each other and shrug, as neither of us have any freaking clue what the hell he's talking about.

Unless something wild and/or exciting happens, I'll update this again after the weekend.

Happy Trails!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What? It's April already?

Well, so much for good intentions. I really never expect a month to pass between entries in this blog, and find that I'm pretty surprised when it does.  So, to catch up...

Arlington first. I've gotten to where I can mow the yard in about 3 hours, and have only gotten the mower stuck in the mud once. I was there this weekend, and got a good start on modifying the garage to hold the pickup truck I traded my Infiniti for. We discovered the first time we pulled it in that it was about 6 inches too long for the garage door to close.  So, I'll be removing the shelving units in the back of the garage to give it that extra 6 inches.  However that'll not be until the 28th, as I'm on call next weekend, and the one after that has me migrating our electronic medical records software to new servers. So, Gayle will have to keep the grass at bay until then.  However, I have the truck with me in Memphis, as I have to get it inspected and tagged here, to keep the finance company happy. So that means she has the Kia, which probably makes her happier.  However, since it cost me $78 bucks to fill the truck up on the way home, and she drives a lot less than I do, she'll be the one keeping the pickup as her main vehicle.

Now for Memphis.  As I mentioned, we're upgrading a lot of software at the clinic. 2 weeks after I migrate the EMR software to the new servers, we're upgrading that software to the latest version, which allows for all the new federal regulations. After that, I'll be upgrading us to VMware 5.1, and the from Exchange 2007 to 2010. Most of this work will be done on weekends when I'm on call, and can't go to Arlington, to maximize the time I have up there.

I'm listing with any and every headhunter firm that covers west Kentucky.  For now, however, it appears that none of these are actually in west Kentucky, and I'm finding that headhunters don't believe in checking maps before calling with "the perfect opportunity". Yeah, right.  Perfect except for the 190 mile commute each way.  Sheesh, I've been pretty emphatic on not relocating, and not being willing to drive 4 hours to get to work. Oh, well, eventually something will crop up. Until then, it's me and the boys in Memphis!