Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dragon*Con recap

Well, Dragon*Con was as fun as always. Here's a look at my parade costume:

And yes, it was as bloody hot as it looks. The parade route was longer this year, and the wait to start was draining. But, I was actually able to keep the costume on for a few hours after the parade ended, which was fun. 

This year I didn't make it to as many of the panels as I have in the past. But, since we've already gotten our room reservations for next year, I guess I can make up for it.  I spent one day as a character from the Dresden Files, and didn't get a single person to guess who I was supposed to be. Next year it'll be with a good staff and the cloak of the Gray Council (lets see if anyone gets THAT reference!).

The Arlington house is now officially in our name. I managed to get the mower working, and fixed the chain saw. So, guess what I get to do until winter...

So, here's to Fall, cooler temperatures, and a new set of kittens in Arlington. Who knows, maybe they'll learn to like humans...though they sure don't right now!

And now, more Con pics!

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